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Feb 2nd 6:53 AM
I recently came across two gold plated SML tenor mouthpeices with the SML insignia and "Strausser" engraved on the top. They are very heavy and large chambered. I was told they were made by the Woodwind Co. in New York in the 1950's or '60's for the SML factory for their saxes being distributed in the USA. They play dark with little edge. Does anyone have any further information on these and an estimate of value.
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Mar 26th 2:43 PM
i want to get a SML alto mouth piece,

If anyone has information on where to get it
please tell me

my e mail is

User ID: 9753653
Mar 26th 5:00 PM
I think you need to contact the guy at 4winds music. He has a bunch of these, (was selling one one eBay a few months back, w/nice pictures of it)

I think they were included with new SML tenors as the stock piece at the time--cross 'tween a selmer metal & link concept.

Check website, email him, he knows all