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Jenseman Jan 26th 11:04 AM
I have been offered a 14.6xx SML soprano sax in silverplate. Now I would like know, if anybody has ever seen a soprano in this serial # range. I only have seen the ones on the saxpics page which are around Is it possible that the 14.6xx soprano has rolled toneholes? The seller does not know to much about saxophones and canīt give precise information. Thank you in advance for any reply.
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Jan 26th 1:32 PM
Jenseman: I've been looking for information on the SML sopranos for a little while now and I've gotten precious little feedback (don't bother checking the various discussion boards. There's nothing there).

Anyhow, the vintage is desireable, but I can't tell you specifically if the horn has rolled tone holes. The three SML sopranos thatI've seen don't have 'em.

You might want to direct the seller to a pic or two from my site of a horn with rolled tone holes (say, that beautiful silver 19xxx alto) and without (how 'bout that 11xxx soprano).

In any event, the folks that have owned the sopranos that don't have the rolled tone holes have said they're excellent sounding.

If you have the ability to, you should play the horn before you buy it anyway.

Finally, give something back to the community. If you do buy the horn, please e-mail me pics! (If you don't, post it under the SML Market Place thread)

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Jan 27th 10:00 PM
A Silver Standard SML, with 8XXX serial number at ebay for sale.

ebay number: 247857323

Jenseman Feb 1st 9:50 AM
Hi saxpics and all others.
I bought the SML soprano today, because really loved the way it sounds. It sounds different (and probably better)from my Buescher curved soprano and my King saxello. It has a dark and rich sound, almost a bit like an oboe. It will be perfect for classical playing. The keywork is quite comfortable and the horn is very light. As mentioned above it is in the serial range. As the SML sopranos on the saxpics page it does not have rolled toneholes or a model name stamped on. It is in shiny silver plate. The pads have no resonators and I think I will have it overhauled with metal resonator pads.

I will take pictures of the horn and send them to the saxpics page.
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Feb 2nd 11:57 AM