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User ID: 9719083
Dec 3rd 8:04 PM
Just wanted to let SML lovers out there know that a 1940's SML tenor saxophone has just gone on the ebay auction item #213416404. It is starting at $800.00 with no reserve. Check it out. Thank-you!
User ID: 0645514
Dec 6th 9:39 AM
I think you mean #213431063
User ID: 1411674
Dec 10th 7:06 AM
Here is a condensed q & a session I had with the seller of this horn via email.

Q: Is there any corrosion?
A: There does not seem to be any corrosion.
Q: What percentage of original lacquer remains?
A: I believe the horn is brass, but I do not know
how much of the lacquer finish is left.
Q: Is there any damage other than the few dings?
A: No there is no other damage that I can see.
Q: Do you know if this horn has rolled tone holes?
A: I do not know what rolled tone holes are, so
can't answer that question.
Q: What condition are the pads in?
A: The pads are useable according to the music store I took it to.
Q: Is there a case and what condition?
A: There is no case.