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Nick S.
User ID: 0206274
Dec 1st 9:36 PM
I'm sorry if you're all completely disinterested, this being a saxophone SML site and all, but it seems somewhat relevant. Sorry if what I say is a bit... vague, but I am a sax player, and I've actually never played clarinet before.

See my dad owns a Selmer Mark VI tenor sax, and in the case is included a spot to put a clarinet. So my grandfather bought my dad an SML clarinet to go there.

Unfortunately, unlike saxes, there isn't a model number on it, or if there is, I have no clue where it would be. I'm sure it's an SML mainly because of the imprint (stencil?) on just about all of the sections (?) of the clarinet.

I'll try to describe what it looks like...

At the top of the imprint it says Strasser, in an Old-English-type engraved text. In the center of a banner-looking-thing it says "Made By". Beneath it, it says "S.M.L". Beneath that it says "PARIS", and beneath that is "FRANCE", in smaller letters.

So I suppose I'm hoping that someone will have some info on SML clarinets. I'm in the same boat as the SML sax-owners, I suppose, in that there are little to no SML-related sites on the web.

Oh, and some info about how it plays...

The only problem with it is that it's in less-than-spectacular condition. But give me a break, my dad hated clarinet, and used it as a baton instead... Anyway, it's missing a pad halfway down it, so only about a dozen notes can be played. My band director played it-- said it had a great, big, wide-open sound. He also said it was very easy to play. Also, since it's wood, it has a great tone quality.

So if anyone has any info, or would like to ask a few questions about the clarinet, I'd be happy for any help and be happy to help you with your quest to learn about SML.

Nick S.
Nick S.
User ID: 0206274
Dec 1st 9:44 PM
Sorry for the very very long post above. It didn't seem that long at the time... :)

Also, at the end I meant that I'd be happy to help you learn some things about the SML clarinet that I have-- the only things about SML I know is what I've read from your site.

Nick S.
bill kasper
User ID: 1028194
Dec 2nd 11:12 AM
nick, check out - they've got LOADS of information, especially on the clarinet phorum. i've heard they're great clarinets with an excellent sound...but have never listened to one, so my opinion is largely uneducated. good luck!
David Brown
User ID: 7817463
Mar 6th 1:09 AM
I have a clarinet with the same markings as mentioned. It also has a serial #, 7060 marked on both main joints.
It was bought in New Orleans, evidently used by a working musician. It seems to be a pro horn, and use it a good bit. It plays well and indeed has an open sound. I still slightly favor my large bore Selmer but I have no intention of parting with the SML clarinet.
I was wondering if there were any other SML clarinets out there for I know.