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William A. Hoiles
User ID: 0449874
Nov 13th 8:27 PM
I have a Tenor SML gold plated saxephone that was made in Paris,France. The serial number is 11310. The case is blue and has a wood inside with an alegatroe looking skin on it. Some of the outside of the case has worn off. The Tenor has some war on the gold in places. It has very nice ingravings on it, that I just cn't take my eye off of. I was wondering how much my Tenor maybe worth.

I am 13 years old and I play my instrument in the "West Vancouver Youth Band" in Canada Vancouver,B.C.

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Phone number:(604)922-1671

User ID: 8569443
Nov 13th 11:39 PM
Your tenor is PRICELESS. Take good care of it. Congratulations.