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User ID: 0352454
Oct 30th 9:18 AM
Beautiful SML vintage alto for sale.
This instrument is a unique and very well preserved special edition of the Strasser-Marigaux-Lemaire saxophone factory in Paris, France. It is the "Radiotone" edition.
With its 4xxx serial # it is one of the oldest still existing and playable SML's. It is to date around 1940. The original satin-finish silver plate is 98% preserved. Parts of the Bell, within the engraving and the tone-hole covers are in brilliant silver. A thin gold-plate is left inside the bell. It is in fine original condition, no evidence of previous dents or damage on the body. The upper high E key rib has been resoldered to the body, some plate is off around that rib. The pads have reached about half the time of their lives.
The horn has the typical SML-sound with a vigourous depth, specially if played for jazz with a metal mouthpiece (i.e. OL #6).
The case might be original, it looks as being 60 years old as well, black painted canvas outside with metal reinforced corners, red velvet inside.
The horn comes with an original SML white-leather neckstrap and an original SML mouthpiece.
This horn is ready to play, not just to collect.
Price: $1950
Pictures can be requested at:
User ID: 0645514
Oct 30th 12:16 PM
Sounds Like a beauty
User ID: 0352454
Oct 31st 2:45 AM
Unique alto.
View the pictures at the following site:

Please e-mail only to ask questions, for interest or offers.
Thanks, Rick
User ID: 0526904
Nov 3rd 11:57 AM
Nice sax...the main thing i noticed was the 2 stars of David above and below the SML engraving. I seem to remember reading about these demarcations elsewhere in this discussion group.

In addition, the bell keys are on the right side. I thought the older SMLs had them on the Left hand side.

Best regards,
User ID: 0283314
Nov 4th 12:52 AM
Yes, the sax looks great. I'm getting worried about the price of SML altos. Rick, i think it is on the upper edge of the actual price-scale, for a sax that old. Pete
User ID: 8604013
Nov 5th 10:09 AM
good things cost a good price. This horn is old, but it is in a very well preserved original shape. I think the price is in the range of SML's sold at the ebay auction or in this forum, mainly if you consider that it comes with some rare original accessories and that it does not need to be overhauled (i.e. like the one CarlH sells in this forum). Of course I'm ready to discuss about prices, I consider price-discussions as a normal part of trading.
A remark to the sax: I had it played yesterday by a semiprofessional player. He said that the horn sounds and plays well, for pro's with very fast action some springs would need to be strengthened or changed. I'm not (yet?) such a fast player, so I didn't notice.
Pete, feel free to make an offer or not.
Regards, Rick
User ID: 8604013
Nov 5th 10:28 AM
Concerning the stars of David: Fred Cicetti is investigating to find out something about them. Maybe he can tell you more some day.

Concerning the bell keys: My SML silver tenor #2xxx has them on the left side. But this summer I have seen almost an identical SML silver tenor in Paris, serial# 3647 with the bell-keys already on the right side. So I guess that they switched the side early in their production. I haven't seen an SML alto with left-sided bell-keys yet.
User ID: 8604013
Nov 5th 10:46 AM
you posted above on Oct 30th 12:16 PM. I think you or me should slightly change the name, in order not to confuse the other sax-addicted colleagues.
What do you mean?

(that's it for today)
Harri Rautiainen
Nov 5th 4:28 PM
Rick & Rick:

This is a side-track, but:
Rick (user ID:8604013) got a good point. I do understand that people do not necessarily want to spread their e-mail addresses over Web. Some kind of additional identification would make following these threads easier.
In Wales there are so many Evans'es that is not enough to identify by firstname.lastname. They add an epithet like Dr. Evans, Evans the Blacksmith or Evans the Shorty (for a basket ball player).
You Rick's come up with some additional characterisation, thank you.
User ID: 8604013
Nov 9th 11:32 AM
As there was no post so far from the other(s) "Rick" I'll change my name here from Rick to RickM. The M is the first letter of my last name.
I have an interest to be unequivocally identified, because now and again I'll have good saxes to sell. I want people to connect my name with good quality and trustworthy trading partnership. It is my passion to work on old saxes specially on SMLs, but I don't collect them. So whenever I have finished a project I sell it.

I' am the one Rick who sold the SML sopranos to Fred Cicetti. Fred wrote earlier in this forum by what an amazing circumstance we got in contact togehter.

Harry I hope this new name isn't occupied yet. Many thanks to you for the administration work.

User ID: 1084044
Nov 15th 4:21 PM
The horn is on ebay now. See item # 201271359.
User ID: 7873223
Nov 20th 7:15 AM
I'm curious about my King-Marigaux alto and it's market price. Mine is a later model (serial no. puts it in 1980). It has straight tone holes and it is in near-mint condition. A very heavy horn, but I love the sound, the action, and everything else about it. The case is almost perfect as well and is obviously the original case. I also have the original SML mouthpiece and neckstrap that came with the horn.

Although it seems to compare favorably with every Mark VI alto I've run across (I've got one now), I've always assumed that it's relative obscurity makes it market value rather low in comparison to the Mark VI.

Any comments? Please email me at
User ID: 9697893
Nov 22nd 3:41 PM
The silver satin alto is sold.
User ID: 3417814
Dec 2nd 5:39 PM
SML Gold Medal alto for sale.
There is not much to say concerning this wonderful instrument, as it is just like new. 99.9% original brilliant silver plate, straight toneholes, dome-shaped nylon resonators, pearl buttons on guards. Serial # 25xxx (made around 1980).
Comes with very well preserved black case with dark-blue velvet inside.

Enjoy the pictures at

E-mail me for questions or offers.

User ID: 3417814
Dec 4th 3:48 PM
The 25xxx alto is sold.
Thanks for your e-mails, Rick
User ID: 9572103
Dec 11th 4:35 PM
I have a gold medal SML serial 16XXX alto, and i'm thinking of selling it.. I've had it for about 3 years now. I hust recently had it overhauled, and I was wondering if anybody had any idea how much it's worth and how much shoud i ask for it? It's lacquered and the remainging lacquer is about 90%, probably more. i've seen prices range from $900 to $2000.. So i don't really know. I need the cash to pay for a tenor I'm getting. I've decided to concentrate on playing the tenor.
User ID: 0645514
Dec 11th 6:12 PM
If its in excellent condition hold out for the $2000 number
User ID: 2909434
Dec 22nd 2:02 PM
Anyone know of a tenor, preferrably an older model in decent shape ? Dealers are grabbing them up and I don't stand a chance !
User ID: 0185894
Dec 28th 1:34 AM
to Becky and others who are interested:
i have an SML tenor, 10,2xx serial no. Fred Ciccetti puts it at early fifties.that makes it prior to the gold medal classification. it has everything it should. rolled tone holes, etc. it is heavy silverplate, then flash gold plate, then lacquer.the lacquer is mostly gone, the gold plate better than 80% intact. even where it seems gone, (head joint,eg.)it still seems to keep the silver tarnish-free. there are NO signs that that the horn has ever been noticeably damaged. some pitting on the surface of the palm key levers. a couple of places of resoldering with resultant damage to the plating. the only case i have for it is a Selmer Paris Flight case,(shaped hard shell)with lots of room for the 6.25" bell. note bell dimension. i think it's as big as they ever got. Tempt me with a nice offer.
note to Harri: if this is an abuse of your generous space, please edit it down as you feel appropriate. thanks.
Harri R.
Dec 28th 5:19 AM
my position is that anything that can help the saxophonist community goes. Your posting was a reply to Becky's request and as a such interesting to others, too.
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