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User ID: 1905964
Oct 13th 10:23 AM
I don't see a lot of SML' I don't this a good deal? Current bid is $400. Its a silver alto
User ID: 0645514
Oct 13th 6:25 PM
Its a great deal But it won't stay there
User ID: 9892733
Oct 17th 11:40 PM
I just missed out on a SML Standard Tenor on eBay today. It went for $770. I lost by $10. and two minutes. Sure hope it went to a good home. If it's somebody in this group, here's your chance to rub salt in my wounds. Let's hear how glorious it sounds.
User ID: 2302834
Oct 18th 1:22 AM
What was the item number of the Tenor that went for $770 ? (Others may also want to follow the history of any SML that comes up). Check out eBay item #179232165 - a silver Gold Medal with straight tone holes s/n 21182 - currently $1525.
Harri R.
User ID: 0505634
Oct 18th 2:45 AM
could not locate that one. However here was a SML Tenor Saxophone (Item# 179129415) that closed on 10/17 at $970.50.

User ID: 0763414
Oct 18th 3:59 PM
In europe SML's show up now and again in low-cost advertising papers and magazines. I found a tenor and an alto for myself, a soprano for Fred Cicetti and the silver Gold Medal tenor for Bill Geiler, the one Brenton mentions in his post. All this within 9 months.
As they are mostly very old instruments, played for a long time and, being undervalued, badly taken care of, they need an overhaul and some repairs.
But because they are very solidly constructed horns (material and mechanichs) the repairs are of minor nature, the adjustment is easy to do, especially on the Gold Medal edition, and the (silver-) plating quality is so good that it survives at a high percentage rate long playing periods.
I'm convinced that this high-quality-plate is also one of the reasons for the vigourous SML-sound.
Drop me your e-mail address if you want me to look around for a horn for you.

User ID: 0707654
Oct 20th 12:19 AM
Rick, my e-mail address is -
Please get back to me re: horns.
User ID: 9892733
Oct 20th 8:10 PM
Sorry, It's my bad typing. The SML I was talking about sold for $970. A silver plated Gold Medal went today for $2225. It looked very, very nice.
User ID: 2302834
Oct 21st 2:30 AM
Alan, thanks for the correction; that's the same one Harri R mentioned above - great pictures on eBay #179129415 if anyone is interested before they disappear.
User ID: 2302834
Nov 8th 10:34 PM
Check out #193859060 (King Marigaux Alto); and here is one for your files and wish lists: Fred Cicetti's own SML silver-plate Soprano (early prototype without s/n) now up for auction on eBay #195740064 ! Fred, obviously a lot has come to light since your July 1997 report. God bless
User ID: 2713794
Nov 8th 11:02 PM
a king/sml alto laquered went out on ebay for i think 1275 tonight.....

User ID: 9293943
Nov 9th 6:27 AM
It looked like a beauty .... very late serial number (26xxx)
Bill Nov 20th 11:00 PM
For your information, there's an SML flute now on ebay, with a little more SML history listed at:
User ID: 0512724
Nov 29th 2:40 PM
Greetings. I bought the King/Marigaux previously mentioned, very late serial # (26XXX). Nearly as perfect as its photos, plays very well indeed. When I was a teenager (a VERY long time ago)I had a Gold Medal alto that I had a hard time selling because nobody knew what it was, including me. I finally traded it in on a brand-new Super 20 tenor that I needed at the time, and have been playing Super 20 altos & tenors ever since. Sure wish I still had that old Gold Medal now...;-) The King/Marigaux plays just as well, but no rolled tone holes on this one, and no hinged octave-key thumbrest like the Gold Medal. Thanks to Harri for the forum. It was youse guys that got me thinking about the old SML in the first place.
User ID: 0526904
Dec 15th 5:27 PM
There is a very inexpensive SML Tenor f/s on ebay. No pics though. It's listed as 'tenor sax'

The item number is 218644109

Don't know if it's a gold medal or what but the seller is only asking 650 and it comes with a stand!

User ID: 0882114
Dec 20th 1:06 PM
I bought that SML standard tenor for $970, which was mentioned near the top of this topic. Unfortunately, it was damaged in shipping, to the tune of $200-$400 (depending on which shop you ask). Well, the seller was very helpful in making a claim with ups, and now (finally) the check is apparently on the way to pay for repair. The horn has had a lot of repairs in its life (bell's been off (and put back on not quite straight), bell brace has been fabricated sloppily, numerous dents have been removed, and now it got dented by the low C tone hole-deforming the hole and knocking half the horn's keys out of alignment). Anyway, despite all this, on the notes that WILL play, it gets a big, full, rich, complex sound. Pretty good on the C* I use for classical, but with a metal Otto Link that thing really comes to life. I will update when it is repaired and I can get a true and complete impression of how it plays!
User ID: 0449874
Dec 27th 1:07 AM
I was wondering if enyone knows what had happend to that SML Tenor mouthpiece. If they find out then could they please contact me.
User ID: 0178794
Jan 14th 9:00 AM
I put a link I found to a Gold Medal tenor on eBay in SML Marketplace ...
User ID: 0561484
Jan 24th 2:33 PM
I got back the SML standard tenor from the shop last week, all fixed up. This horn wails! The tone is huge and full. As you get into the palm keys up high, a bit of "edge" gets added on to this basic sound. Using the link mouthpiece, I think the tone somewhat resembles Dexter Gordon (or Sonny Rollins, to a lesser extent). The intonation is quite good--not perfect, of course, but there are no particular notes that seem substantially off. Even the middle D is not overly sharp. Palm keys go a little sharp. I was really worried about this horn when I first received it damaged, but it now seems that I have an excellent quality horn, useful for professional playing situations.
Keep in mind, this is the Standard model, not the Gold Medal. It has been suggested elsewhere in this group that the standard is a student model horn. NOT SO. It lacks the rolled tone holes, pivoting thumb rest, and adjustable felt bumpers. It seems to have all the other features mentioned in the list, and is a high quality, very playable horn.
User ID: 9481773
Jan 24th 7:04 PM

I just found an alto silver standard model with serial number 87XX.It is in very good shape and has been repad. The repairman told that the sound
is very good. I tried to buy but my teacher doesn't accept vintage horns for students.
I don't understand much about then.
I'm thinking in buy it and sell at ebay.If anybody is directly intersted send me an e-mail at
I think is really worth!!!!!!!!!


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