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Harri Rautiainen
Jan 4th 2:03 AM
This message area was suggested by Alex on Jan 3rd , 1999. He proposed:
".... to establish an area to accumulate information about SML saxes. I run across people who post on various bulletin boards seeking information. Do you think it would be possible to have an area to pool information (like serial numbers/dates, types of finishes, people who have played them in the past, etc.)?"

I liked Alex'es idea very much. Here goes:

In the beginning I will be establishing some threads, which hopefully serve for this information collection purpose. Please reply to these threads. For improvements, please use the Suggestion Box.

Background on SML saxes:
Alex Jan 23rd 2:28 AM
There's a post under Saxophone Makes that you might want to transfer to this area. The topic is SML alto, the originater is Gunnar and Joseph has an interesting reply. Many thanks for setting up this area!
Anders Haug Jan 29th 6:03 AM
Hello saxophone lovers.
I am about to sell my SML alto saxophone. It is in good condition. Complete overhaul not long ago. Are anyone interested or can anyone suggest a price I should sell it for. Please reply fast to

Anders Haug, Oslo, Norway.
Michael Mar 23rd 1:48 PM
This site is great. I happened upon it completely by accident. I am looking for a alto and found you guys. I bought a SML Tenor 20 yrs ago. I responded to a add I asumed was for a Selmer(the guy on the phone said it was), it wasn't, so I played the horn and was amazed! It blows! I bought it for $200.00. seriel number 8346 or 834C. I've heard bit's -n- pieces over the years about the horn's history but nothing confirmed. Thank you for compiling this information. Alas, due to a compressed vertibrey and the large size of this horn, I can't play the horn much. That horn has literally been around the world with me. Played jazz in over 50 countries with that horn. Love it. What is market for this horn? Most the lacquer is in good shape, plays really well. Any info is appreciated. Thanks Mike
Joseph Jaeger Mar 23rd 2:57 PM
Michael: welcome to this site. I also own an SML Tenor, 8xxx. By reading through these threads you can see that not a lot is known about these horns but by comparing information, we're adding new insights everyday.

As to the resale value, I think that these horns are at best sleepers. That is because, there were not many made and not very many people know about them. Also, no matter how much those that own them will "rave" about them, the SML's will never be acknowledged by the general musical community until some well known pro's start playing them, and recording with them. (and I have to say that, in my opinion, they know sound the best.) I bought mine for $1,250 two years ago. Mine is not for sell, but I was recently offered $1,600 for it.
Question: Look on the bottom of the neck and see if the serial number is also stamped there.

This being said, get it cleaned and overhauled, take some good close up pictures, and get it on the Ebay. One request: try to sell it to a player. These horns should not be looked at but PLAYED!!!
User ID: 9461303
May 15th 1:21 PM
Hello, I recently bought an SML alt saxophone with serial number 26075. Could anyone tell me in what year this sax was made?
User ID: 9621663
Jul 19th 8:52 AM
Some well-known players HAVE played them. Sam
Rivers is the best-known. Also Carmen Leggio who
worked with Woody and Maynard in the late 50's and
the early 60's.
User ID: 0339064
Jan 5th 8:12 AM
Hi you SMLcoholics.
Before this message area disappears down under the bottom line, let's put it on top again. Here are my best wishes from good ol'Europe to all of you for the new year. Happy practicing, playing and gigging and all with your unbelievable SML's.
Ed Morgan
User ID: 0554384
Mar 5th 9:55 AM
I own a GOLD MEDAL MK1 in B Flat Tenor the serial #is 16716.The horn was given to me as a Christmas gift arond 1980 from my father-in-law Carroll Starka who played in both Woodie Hermans Band & Stan Kentons Band .I was hoping that you could give some info. on this horn particulary the age and worth.Any info. would be greatly appreciated.
Ed Morgan
User ID: 0826264
Mar 21st 10:50 PM

If the above horn is for sale please contact me as I am searching for a SML tenor. For sml info./history Check out -
Of course value will depend on condition (original finish ?, pads/corks, etc..,) Features, overall condition and evidence of good maitinance (any dent repairs, tone hole damage, neck bends etc..) You can always check this discussion board and EBAY to see what similar examples (if you can find any) have sold for. Good luck.
Again, if you intend to sell it let me know.