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Oct 27th 11:07 AM
I have a Balanced Action Silver Tenor sax no.32824 and it has black keys! If itīs not original, than it's a very good job because they fit perfect, and I think I saw one alto on Ebay also with black keys. Do you thing it's original, or maybe they put blacks because of WW2 they didn't had white ones.
User ID: 0269124
Oct 27th 11:52 AM
Saddam, during WWII, they couldn't get the white pearls, so a few of those BA horns had black pearls...
User ID: 9858163
Oct 27th 8:17 PM
Was that shortage created by the bombing of Pearl Harbor?
User ID: 8924643
Oct 27th 11:14 PM
no, Germans took over France, limited import/export stuff, plus severely limited manufacturing in the first place.
User ID: 8722703
Oct 27th 11:19 PM
Ama...I think Gary is having a bit of fun..."Pearl"
Harbor~black "pearls"?
User ID: 9223993
Oct 28th 10:44 AM
I Harbor NO grudges, here, boys :)

Just thought i'd pass on a few Pearls o' wisdom...
User ID: 0046004
Oct 28th 12:47 PM
Cast not your pearls before swine.
User ID: 0178794
Oct 28th 2:48 PM
Can I have a rim shot? (on a Pearl snare)