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User ID: 9014973
Dec 17th 10:15 PM
I finally have a couple of good serial number charts for the Buffet/Evette & Schaeffer horns, so I don't have to use my cobbled-together chart anymore.

BUT, there's still a great big gap from about 1928 to 1951 on all charts I've seen -- or they start about 1952.

There are a few horns that were produced in this "serial number black hole" that I'm looking for data on:

- The Apogee model, which was Buffet's horn with all the extra keys. It started production around 1910.
- Triple digit horns. Thes horns had all pearl keys, but had essentially the same design of horns made in the 1910's. They also had serial numbers from about 100 to 999 and slightly different engraving.
- The beautiful Buffet-Powell horns. These horns had serial numbers in the 30xxx range and were produced in the early 1930's to maybe 1940.

So, if any of y'all happen to know anything about these horns, or have an idea of serial numbers or date ranges, post here or send me an e-mail. Buffet is the next mini-site I'm "producing".

Thanks in advance!
The Vintage Saxophone Gallery
User ID: 9683713
Dec 18th 10:16 PM
I have one of those Buffets which is in the serial number black hole. It is serial #16xx. When it was produced depends on two items: 1) When did production of Buffet saxophones cease either prior to or during the Second World War; and 2) When was production resumed after the War?

Based on their production numbers this horn was made either immediately prior to or shortly after World War II. Of course that gives you a spread of quite a few years. The Buffet has an excellent mechanism, like a balanced action horn, yet it still retails the forked Eb key and the G# trill, two vestiges of older saxophones. In any case, it really is a great horn.
User ID: 8255903
Dec 19th 2:26 PM
OnyxSax, I'd say the horn is a Dynaction model, made in the 1940's. I'll get my pictures up, relatively soon, and you can compare and contrast (it looks like an SDA with a different bell-to-body brace).

I can tell GENERALLY when each model of Buffet was made, even in the black hole, but I can't tell when each model was introduced or discontinued in this black hole, especially as it appears that the original E&S serial numbers continued until the mid 1930's, a new crop started, Buffet had their fire, and then another crop started.
User ID: 9892733
Dec 21st 2:36 AM
i have '56 tenor #45**. Not in the black hole, but the last year before the introduction of the Superdynaction. This has the G# trill but no Eb forked. This model is therefore a Dynaction, with a sheet metal-style brace. Maybe Onyxsax's is therefore the earlier model ?