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User ID: 1536664
Dec 4th 3:05 PM
Anyone had any experience with the Buffet Superdynactions or the S1 tenors? I've been milling over buying one for quite some time but there never seems to be one locally I can get my hands on to blow through. Wichita Band has a '64 silver plate that has really caught my attention. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
John T.
User ID: 0247944
Dec 4th 3:33 PM
I own a 61' SDA Tenor wearing Orig. Lacquer(96%).
it has a very big Spread (not focused) Dark Sound that'll make most MK6's sound thin.
It works well with a lot of Mpcs, nowadays, I find myself going round and round with the same four Mpcs. going from Brightest to Darkest.
Sugal JB101 Metal
Modern HR Meyer
Florida Metal Link
Vintage HR Meyer Bros.

all of these mpcs give the horn a different tone Color and I blow on whichever fits my "mood" on that given day. But most times its usually the Modern Meyer.

Its a great playing horn with superb Light Key action, the only things I dont like about it is that its:

1. Heavy (Like SML's).
2. the neckstrap hook should be about 2 inchs Lower.
3. The right hand positioning is not as comfortable as a Selmer, but, I did get used to it rather quickly.

None of these are Life threatening, by all means get Wichita to give you a trial period. I've never seen an SDA or S1 in Silver but I'll bet they'd sound great.

SOTWer Bill Mecca plays one too, so I'm sure he'll be chiming in here too....

User ID: 1536664
Dec 4th 6:28 PM
I find myself always going back to my metal Link. Good to know from your experience that it lends a darker tone to the SDA (or at least yours). The weight I'll get by on. My 50's Martin was a neck breaker too.
User ID: 1773974
Dec 5th 2:03 AM
My 1969 SD tenor is fantastic. Later models still, and the S1 have more comfortable keywork, but the 1960s SD is still a very fast and great sounding horn. Mine is lacquer, but my S1 alto is silver and looks, sounds and feels beautiful too.

I use a 1950s Link 8 copy and a Jody Jazz 8 on the tenor.
User ID: 2372774
Dec 5th 9:10 AM

Like John T I play a 1961 SDA, one of the heaviest tenors I have ever held, I agree on the neck strap hook, let go of the horn and the mpc will smack you in the face. I battle the weight with a spin strap( Over the shoulder).

Nice dark sound, powerful, and takes to mpc changes well. I've played Meyer HR 5m, Guy Hawkins Metal 7, Link STM 8, 5*, Rovner Eagle 8, Berg Larsen SS 120/0sms, and currently either a Runyon Cutsom Quantum Spoiler 9 or Custom Spoiler 8, each giving the SDA it's own flavor.

In desperate need of an overhaul, but this time of year I just can't free the bucks (4 lil kids)

Steve Goodson says silverplate was an original option and he has one. My lacquer is in poor shape, and I have toyed withthe idea of getting it silver plated, but (read above..$$)

If you can get your hands on one, you will be glad you did.

chime over. ;)

User ID: 3299204
Dec 5th 10:28 AM
Funnily enough, I consider my tenor to be fairly light in weight, certainly very comfortable compared to say a modern Keilwerth with all that engineering! To me its tough enough to last but there's nothing there that isn't needed.
User ID: 2372774
Dec 5th 10:35 AM

could it be a variance in metal used between 61 and 69? I've never actually weighed it, but Selmers feel like a feather in comparison.

I'll have to step on the scale... oh no! NOT THAT!! ;P
User ID: 1536664
Dec 5th 7:04 PM
Thanks all. Think I'll take the plunge and go with it. Start doing those neck exercises now.
User ID: 9892733
Dec 6th 2:31 AM
well I took my '56 dynaction and my Serie II tenor and weighted them (+ neck, -mpc), and couldn't see any significant difference (although our cheapo digital scales are not particularly accurate it has to be said). The biggest difference APPEARS to be that the Buffet brass SEEMS harder i.e different composition ? whether this is the result of 50+ years of blowing, some sort of mild hardening or original composition of the metal is not clear.
User ID: 2093804
Dec 9th 8:33 PM
I play a 1972 SD that I bought from Steve Goodson 3 years ago. It was a closet horn that I get to play weekly now. It replaced my 1969 ugly but fantastic playing Superdynaction. The '72 horn still looks like new!!!and it sounds better than it looks. It is my favorite horn and prefer my Bari 105 HR mouthpiece. I have an excellent old Link Tone Master, but the sound is a bit too dark for me. I've never noticed any problem with weight....guy's I thinks the neck pain problem is an old wives tale.
Matt K
User ID: 0701364
Dec 9th 11:57 PM
'59 SuperDynaction, Morgan 6M mpc.
By far the best tenor setup I've ever had.
My Mark VI has not been out of the case since I got this Buffet. I even like the keywork better overall. The LH pinky cluster, while being pretty stiff, is also better placed (for me) an acceptable tradoff.
That strap hook does need to be lowered. I've seen a couple for sale that had the strap hook moved down.
User ID: 8611103
Dec 10th 2:56 AM
My straphook too is much too high. Let go the sax and you end up with a mouthpiece in the eye. Apart from that the sax is wonderful - a revelation after my Yamaha. Its a 1974 tenor I bought here in UK earlier this autumn, well used with many, many scratches and rubs and with an annoying tendency for the springs to pop out while being cleaned. But its tone is much richer and deeper than the Yamaha.
User ID: 9892733
Dec 10th 2:59 AM
great guys,

just keep going on like this...

and why not just send the prices through the roof while you're about it...

Matt K
User ID: 0701364
Dec 10th 8:24 AM
Madav, I keep thinking the same thing and I try not to gush too much about it but the fact is I'll probably never play any other kind of horn.
Oops, I did it again... Hey- why did that make me think of Britney Spears? Oh baby baby!
Matt K
User ID: 0701364
Dec 10th 8:29 AM
RandallKS- what ever you do, don't buy that Buffet
I'm going to buy it.

Oops, I did it again

I played with my Super Dynaction

Got lost in the tone

Ohhh, baby baby..............................
User ID: 1536664
Dec 10th 3:52 PM
The deal is donesville! Glanced at the postings today and with such gushing endorsements I had to go with it. Altho' with that last one from Matt, I half expected to call Wichita Band and find it sold - "All's fair in love and war.." etc.

Good thing with Wichitar is that they give a 10 day trial period . Good amount of time to really noodle around and get comfortable. I did 2 day shipping, so I'll post again in a couple of days, let y'all know if instant Buffet bliss has set in.
J. Calhoun
User ID: 0673084
Dec 10th 6:14 PM
Rather than move the hook, you could have a second one installed. Then if you wanted to restore the horn to original condition, you could remove the added one. There would not be as much scarring of the finish where the original one was.
User ID: 2170744
Dec 13th 11:46 PM
I'm testing out the other Buffet tenor from Wichita. It has a great tone, and while I'm still not totally sure it's the tone I'm looking for there are two definite problems that I would have to address to keep this horn. They both deal with thumbs. The LH thumb rest seems too flat, I assume that some kind of different rest could be added but I want to make sure. The other problem is the RH thumb rest, it moves too much. There is screw down there for the adjustable thumb rest but even when screwed completely in it moves around a lot. Enough the my thumb feels a lot more pressure and I hit the side keys by accident. Is there a thumb hook I could get that would solve this? One more problem is the LH and RH palm/side keys. They are really close to the body, I assume that the usual key risers from Runyon, Oleg etc. would do the trick but again I want to make 100% sure that these things can be fixed before buying. Other than this however, I must say this instrument is great. It may not be quite what I'm looking for but it has a nice dark tone, and the action is unbelievable.

User ID: 8611103
Dec 14th 4:58 AM
I have the same problem with the left hand thumbrest on my SDA. It's not so much that it is flat than that it is sharp edged flat! The owner before me put a soft pad on top of it and when I removed that it felt I was playing on the edge of a knife. The answer is to move your thumb right on top of the rest. In other saxes i find I can locate my thumb pretty loosely without any problem but on the SDA I have to move my thumb directly on the flat area and then have no problem. The larger surface area of the flat thumbrest then gives me much more room to keep my thumb on. Its swings and roundabouts. Bigger area once you are securely located on it but you have to make sure you are plonked in the middle of it to start with. I put the upper ball of my thunm on rather than the tip. What impresses me most about the SDA is the quality of the low notes. I just cant believe the diference between it and the rather thin tinny notes down there from my Yamaha 62
User ID: 2372774
Dec 14th 8:53 AM
Josh, what model and serial# is that one. Mine is 77xx series SDA from 1961, no adjustable thumbrest, and the palm keys are huge compared to a Selmer.

1ngram, those low notes really HONK don't they??
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