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User ID: 2302834
Feb 21st 3:03 PM
Okay, with my sax out there selling-I am now still deciding which vintage I want to find. I believe that I want to stick with my original dream sax-the Buffet. I once had the oppertunity to try a Buffet for sale, and I fell in love with it-unforunately I didn't buy it and continued to look for a sax until it was gone! grr. However, I am still new to the land of good vintage horns. Which Buffet was it!??!?!
Or better yet, which one would suit me and should I be looking for?--I really trust the opinions here-it is so honest (well it seems like it!!) and welcoming!!!
I am a classical sax player and I like a dark, rich, warm tone. I also liked how the one I tried was so free-blowing-it just felt so good playing it ahhh! Any suggestions? I am so confused.
User ID: 8722703
Feb 21st 4:23 PM
Look for a super dynaction or an early S-1 Buffet
they are outstanding horns..I recently got to try a lacuered s-1 sop, but didnt have the cash..vintage sound, modern keywork and it had character to boot! Oh wait Im the one whos a character (so ive been told anyway) i belive Steve has some at his website right this very second.
User ID: 2212414
Feb 21st 4:44 PM
I have an early transitional model alto, serial 16xx. That's right, only four digits. These are usually misidentified as "18-20" horns. It is a pre-Super Dyanaction horn, perhaps a "Dynaction", I really don't know. It's serial number is in the "black hole" of Buffet numbers where no records exist. The keywork is light and balanced, like more modern horns, but it still possesses the forked Eb and G# trill like the older horns.

It needs a bit of work to be perfect, but is completely playable right now. It is one of the darkest and warmest sounding saxophones out there. I'm not much of an alto player, and would consider selling the horn. A lot of the Maryland guys have played this horn, too, if you want an independent opinion.

Please e-mail me at if you are interested in pursuing this further.
Peter Kossits
User ID: 8952923
Feb 21st 7:38 PM
Hey Laura,

Another SuperDynaction (alto) owner here. It's very easy to play and sounds fantastic. Well worth the wait and the search to find one.

User ID: 2414344
Feb 22nd 1:44 AM
I welcome you to browse all the pro Buffet and Evette & Schaeffer horns at my website, Just pictures, though -- I don't sell 'em.

I tend to think that all Buffets have a very warm tone and light action. I rather liked my Dynaction alto and I sorely regret selling it. I definitely don't regret buying an absolutely beautiful silver plate curved soprano of late 1910's vintage for my wife, even though it needs a complete overhaul.

Please do note that the S1 and newer were available as high pitch horns, A=442hz, unless specifically requested otherwise. Late 19th century and early 20th century Evette & Schaeffer/Buffets were engraved LP or HP. You'd want LP.

Probably the best Buffet is the S1, due to its exceptional keywork and response. There is also a copper plated version, the S1 Prestige, if you're into copper plated horns.

The new S3's are supposed to be very nice, but the pataented low C/Eb from the S1 isn't present anymore and there are some rumors that some batches of S3 are low quality ...

Please also note that the S2 is considered to be an intermediate horn.

What are you looking for, a soprano, alto, tenor or bari?
User ID: 0909594
Feb 22nd 3:39 AM
I have a 1969 SD tenor and a 1975 S1 alto. The keywork is nicer on the S1 and the later 'transitional' Superdynactions, as the LH pinky keys are fully articulated like a modern sax (in fact, more sophisticated than any other sax), and the Eb/C RH pinky keys are like nothing else you will ever see - wonderful!

Despite the more vintage keywork of my SD it is still very slick and sounds fantastic, but for all out fast accurate classical playing, I like the S1 alto much more. On a tenor or bari, I think there uis something to be said for the more minimalist vintage style keywork as you are moving less metal, whereas on alto and sop, I really prefer a modern feel.

I differ from Dan-O, the several S1 and SD sopranos I have seen have all had old-style SD keywork (i.e. without the keywork enhancements seen on the S1 alto and tenor which I mention above) and all have lacked the front F key. If I could find an S1 sop with modern keywork and a front F I'd buy it, no question. Dan-O I would be interested if you have found such a thing.

You can llok at some pics on site, I think thats probably my silver S1 :-)
User ID: 9467593
Feb 22nd 5:09 PM
The Buffet Prestige horns are copper, not copper plated.
Subtone Sam
User ID: 1432154
Feb 23rd 10:39 AM
Are S1 Buffets high pitch horns? How can you tell? I have one tenor,made in 1981 and it donīt seem high pitch horn to me.
User ID: 9997253
Feb 23rd 11:29 AM
I thought Saxpics said on his site it was S2s onwards that were high (ish) pitch. My S1 plays well in tune. Well, it can, subject to operator error...
User ID: 8722703
Feb 23rd 1:15 PM
Gayle has one at
it has a f#, its a soprano
serial # is
and its a low pitch
User ID: 4260204
Feb 23rd 2:20 PM
DanO, Although labeled as S-1, the keywork is like an SDA.
Paul T.
User ID: 0986624
Feb 24th 12:19 AM
Buffet horns pitch is 442 Hz if the letter "E" has been engraved on its neck, it is sould in Europe. Letter "A" means the pitch 440 Hz. At least the part of the production has been labeled that way.
User ID: 9656233
Feb 24th 7:49 AM

(it's not mine)
User ID: 9314413
Feb 24th 3:41 PM
High vs. low pitch ACCORDING to Boosey & Hawkes (they have been wrong before): "E" or nothing at all on S1 and later horns indicate that they're European. This means high pitch, A=442hz.

Ron is right, too, about the Prestige models. Oops ...

From what I can tell, just by looking at the horns, there was a span of a couple years at the end of SDA manufacture where you could get a horn that was called an S1, but didn't have all the fancy keywork of later S1's, but the relatively plain keywork of the SDA. I mention this, to a certian extent, on my 'site -- and have a couple of examples.

I definitely don't have anything against the keywork on the SDA. I think it's very decent. It's just the keywork on the S1 has been almost universally called the best on any saxophone -- and the G# and C/Eb clusters are patented. Also, while it may be true that the keywork on the S1 soprano is SDA-ish, that isn't the case for the S1 Prestige.

However, I don't think I'd like the light keywork of the SDA on a baritone. I like the snap of something much tighter. (I don't believe there were baritones made after the SDA, anyhow.)
User ID: 9997253
Feb 24th 6:16 PM
Saxpics, In the USA there was a long transition from SDA to S1. Many late SDA's have the S1 left and right pinky keys, but not the adjustable thumbrest. I understand that there are even a few full S1's that are marked SDA on the horn. I don't think this includes sop or bari, as all S1 sops I've seen had SDA keywork, and I've never seen an S1 bari.
User ID: 9997253
Feb 25th 3:42 AM
Dan-O, that soprano at Gayle's has SDA style keywork and no front F key.
Matt K
User ID: 0756324
Feb 25th 8:34 AM
I have what has to be one of the very first S1 tenors. It is less than 1000# away from a tranny SDA that I saw (at junkdude I think.)
User ID: 9892733
Feb 25th 12:11 PM
Were the S-1's Buffet's first horns with offset upper and lower stacks? Is this the litmus test for a 'true' S-1 (i.e., patented pinky tables plus offset stacks)?

As far as the action goes, my 17XXX SDA alto has a much more crisp, precise feel to it than my 148XXX VI (except the SDA's left hand table, which is coarse and heavy). Maybe the VI wasn't set up well, but the SDA's springs really feel different. This one has gold plated springs (definitely original, could Buffet have used Norton's? how do I tell?) At this point, I like the VI's key layout better, but prefer the response of the SDA keys/levers once I reach them.
User ID: 0366544
Feb 26th 11:55 AM
Kelly - In '73 I bought a new SDA alto as my first pro horn. The new MkVI's felt butter smooth, but the SDA was sooo fast. Mine had blued steel springs.
User ID: 2302834
Mar 10th 4:22 PM
I am going to Toronto on Tuesday (I have been waiting for it). I am going to look high and low for a SDA -or any vintage that is a steal for its price (if i am lucky). I am doing my homework like mad-in my little notebook of what I am going to look for-serial numbers, values, models, etc.
Are there any...serial numbers that I should keep an eye out for in terms of the Buffet? I appreciate everyones help here-trying to make sense of it all haha.
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