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User ID: 9231093
Jan 16th 9:40 PM
I play one of these on a King S-20. It's a Buffet LeJazz 7. I use a Roval lig. & Plasticoat #4. It's metal, silver plate & has a good sized baffle. Sort of on the Dukoff style. If pushed, it WILL stand out in a crowd.

Played a Dukoff prior but the plating was coming off.

Just curious, does anyone else play one?
User ID: 8868883
Jan 17th 4:02 AM
I bought one for alto (no 7 IIRC) and didn't get on with it too well. I decided I am not keen on high baffle pieces and didn't like the stainless steel (or whatever it is) in the mouth. It was also a shade too open for me. I felt it was in the same ball park as a metal Berg Larsen, but a very nicely made piece, just not my cup of tea. I sold it on ebay and believe Mostly Alto Guy now has it.
User ID: 0122954
Jan 25th 1:34 PM
I bought one on these recently for my alto (#7) and I'm not sure if I like it. It seems shrill and squeaky in the high range and generally hard to blow but it could be me. I am coming off of a HR 7* mouth piece and may just take some getting used to. I'm gonna give it a little time. The stock ligature seems a little mickey mouse so I am going to try a different one. Switched from a link HR to a metal brilhart #7 on my tenor and love it
mostly alto guy
User ID: 0122954
Jan 25th 2:03 PM
Yep, I have the alto LeJazz which was setevew's.

It's harder to control than the HR pieces I usually play, but it's a kick in the pants for fooling around. You ought to hear it on my JK Anniversary with a #3 Hahn carbon fibre reed. Very focused, bright and loud; this setup can drill a hole through a brick wall! With a #3 Hemke it's a bit less of all that, but still tricky to keep under control.

The stock lig was fussy until I lubed it with a little touch of key oil; now it works nicely.

Overall a difficult but fun piece--not something I would trust for an audition, to be sure, but nice to have around.