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Subtone Sam
User ID: 1432154
Jan 5th 4:06 PM
I got a Buffet S1 tenor today.Magnificent horn! The only problem I have is with the Eb/C mechanism.Under both Eb and C keys are small metal bars.When I press down Eb or C keys these bars touch the keys as they are supposed to.But they cause a "click" sound and a "screech" sound (is that called screeching?).If anyone understands what Im talking about (because of my not-so-good english) and knows solution to this problem,please let me know!
Steve Goodson
User ID: 9467593
Jan 5th 4:21 PM
Install a teflon bumper at the point of contact. Teflon is the only material I've found that works in this pplication because the mechanism seems to cut anything else. Cork, felt, leather etc., in addition to being too soft, are not smooth enough to give the proper motion.
Subtone Sam
User ID: 1432154
Jan 5th 4:57 PM
Thanks for the advice,Steve! I have to find some teflon somewhere.By the way,these metal bars seem to be adjustable,they seem to have thread,like screws.Making them connect tightly to keys MIGHT help...