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User ID: 2372774
Nov 28th 12:28 PM
My Tenor is in dire need of an overhaul, and once I can gather the cash, it will get the treatment. It currently has flat metal resos, with one or two exceptions (put in before I got it) I was wondering how much Noyeks would change the sound. I like the darkness of the horn, and balance that with a bright set up (Quantum Spoiler/Custom Spoiler and Fibracell)

User ID: 0631424
Nov 28th 2:01 PM
I'm also interested in your question. My alto SDA has the flat metal resonantors, and I was thinking about what it might sound like with domed resonators.
Steve Goodson
User ID: 1271794
Nov 28th 3:18 PM
If your SDA has the screw in pads, the Noyeks will work fine, but domed resos will not. If you want to avoid too much brightness, don't oversize the Noyeks. We've put them in lots of SDA horns, never a complaint. Be aware that the alloy used for the Noyeks tends to oxidize, a coating is a must.
Texas Red
User ID: 0707654
Nov 28th 3:21 PM
Steve Goodson if your still around go to the Teaching Techniques thread dated Nov 16th and your inquiry about method books.
User ID: 2372774
Nov 29th 8:32 AM
Thanks Steve

yup mine has the screw in resos, escept for an errant one I think the G has a domed reso and maybe one other... I really shoulda looked last night ;)

Thanks again. Like I said it's on hold til my ship comes in :) but I will probably be in contact.
User ID: 3584464
Nov 29th 9:08 AM
BTW, I have been using a JodyJazz no 8 with spoiler on my SDA tenor for a few weeks now and that really cooks!
User ID: 2372774
Nov 29th 9:27 AM
Interesting SteveW,

I've been messing with the Custom 8 with spoiler the past few days instead of the Quantum 9, I like the difference, however slight.

Have you played a regular Custom? if so what differences have you noticed?

It is a fantastic horn isn't it?