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Oct 27th 6:06 AM
What can anyone tell me about the quality of a recently manufactured Buffet Intermediate Straight Soprano Saxophone?
User ID: 0171704
Oct 27th 7:05 AM
The only saxes carrying the Buffet name made recently are Taiwanese (Buffet Evette - best avoided) or the S1 or S3 which are really speial order saxes, and are pro quality. The 'volume' manufacture of pro model saxes stopped around 1985 with the end of the S1. The Super Dynaction was a virtually identical sax in soprano form, and was its predecessor. Only downside I know of is that they have no front F key, though some S1s had a top G. For a scholarly account of all this, see Saxpics site. Back to the question, you either have a Taiwanese student sax of low quality, or a French made pro job to be proud of.
User ID: 9189423
Oct 27th 8:51 PM
Thanks, Steve. I couldn't find anything on the web.
Dave Dolson
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Nov 23rd 7:40 PM
Jim: When I was stationed in Germany in the U.S. Army (late '50's early '60's) I purchased a new Buffet pro-line soprano (was it the Super Dynaction? I don't recall) from a music store in Stuttgart. It turned out to be really mediocre. It had a weak scale and a soft voice. I played it for several years, then traded it on a Dorado 600 (made by Yanagisawa) and never looked back. Only one example, I know, but . . . DAVE
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Nov 30th 12:15 PM
If it is a recent manufacture it may have the initials "R.O.C." engraved or stamped on it. R.O.C. = Republic Of China ( Taiwan )
These are usually cheap student beginner horns. Some of the newest Taiwanese horns have greatly improved quality so it is worth a try, but do not expect too much.
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Dec 10th 2:46 AM
I have played and will own soon a Buffet SDA soprano from 1965 Its a great player and sounds as good as it gets for me.It plays in tune and tone is very good!