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Oct 14th 11:03 AM
I'm happy to find this section of SOTW to advertise my interest in a Buffet Crampon Prestige tenor. This is a copper horn with brass keywork, a bit on the heavy side but has great dynamics. Has anyone seen one of these rare tenors? I've got a soprano, now want the tenor.
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Oct 22nd 6:46 PM
good luck finding one .they are very rare. they were very expencive new. about double the cost of a buffet s1
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Oct 23rd 1:54 AM
Are they also pithced at 442? Someone told me that these were identical to s1, except that they were made of copper. Is this so?
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Oct 23rd 6:12 AM
I know of the S3 Prestige alto, and someone was selling one on eBay recently, by a seller in Australia who told me he used it for jazz, notwithstanding the 442 Hz pitch. They do say 'near enough for jazz'...

You can see a pic of one, and the details on the Buffet site, which is within The Prestige is sold mainly in France as far as I know and I have only ever heard of the S3 alto.

Was maybe the 'Prestige' name applied to a diferent series than the S3 - I guess there was must have been an S2 somewhere?
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Nov 27th 2:26 PM
I don't know the provenance of the Prestige saxophones and their relation to the SD and S1 horns. Buffet made a soprano, alto, tenor, and bari Prestige model; the alto is still in their catalog. These were handmade in France, not at Keilwerth as some claim. There were also some variations in cosmetics: brass or copper (probably plated and lacquered) keywork. The reason I am looking for a tenor is that the single example I have played had remarkable dynamics - you could easily play it at very low volume. I've been told that Prestige sax have been made since the 1980s.

The alto that recently appeared on eBay sold for about $1,000US and was the all-copper variant.

I'm still looking for a tenor, so sell me your tenor Prestige! My e-mail is:

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Feb 12th 2:40 AM
I have a Prestige Tenor and alto.
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Feb 12th 4:29 AM
Saxjazzed, can you bring some information about the pitch of these saxes? There has been a discussion going on about the S-series Buffets several places on this forum. Are your horns S-1 models or S-3? Are they pitched at 440 or 442 HZ?
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Feb 12th 8:25 AM
There are several concurrent threads going on here. has the best info I have been able to find, and he reckons the S2 was a cost saving measure after B&H bought Buffet, it and the S3, which is like a copper (usually) S1 were both pitched at 442 Hz. Have a look at the site, you might be able to determine which you have.

I think I have read that the Prestige name was applied to both the S2 and S3 but I am not sure. I have searched far and wide for info as I am a keen player of an SDA tenor and a S1 alto (just happens to be what I've got) and because of interest in other Buffets which have come up for sale, I have looked around to see what I can find out.

Between the S1 and SDA there were a lot of cross-over horns with mixtures of keywork features of the two, but as far as I can see, the S1 sop always kept the SDA keywork and never acquired a front F key, even when it had a high G key. There is also talk of S3 tenors (and IIRC, sopranos?) and different materials than copper, but the copper alto is the only one they still list. I guess its very small scale production and so if you wanted a silver or something, I am sure they would do it.
Paul T.
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Feb 17th 12:17 AM
It has been discussed much about the vintage models of Buffet. I have a brochure printed in 1980. Short quotations:
Alto Nr Pitch
S1 2521 440 High Fis,frontF,hand engraved
(2522 442) Body brass, keys powerforced

2527 440/442 Same but body copper

S2 2528 440 Same as S1 but engraving not
(2529 442)

2514 440/442 Same as S1,S2but withoutDes/C
key-mechanism, engraved
This time no S3 was existing.

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Feb 18th 9:49 PM
I've just finished a LONG discussion about these horns with posters here and also Boosey & Hawkes. You can see the results at

Paul T, I'm interested in that catalog. Could you scan or send me a copy?

Paul T.
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Feb 19th 12:21 AM
OK,I have in fact two different not catalogs but brochure sheets. I try to take a copy.
Paul T.
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Feb 19th 8:19 AM
Some problems in emailconnections. Please inform me your mail address, so I will send it by mail.
To my
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Feb 25th 2:54 PM
Saxjazzed, if you ever want to sell/trade your tenor or alto, let me know. Although I just bought a Buescher tenor and alto, I would like to have a Prestige someday.

Saxpics, thanks for the information on your site. Very interesting and informative.
mutha potamus
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Feb 27th 7:44 PM
Saxpics, Paul sent me the same brochure about a year ago. It helped fill in some of the blanks I had.

According to this (I'm looking at it right now), Prestige, S1, S2 & Evette lines all came in both 440 & 442mhz. Also, the only difference noted between the S1 & S2 is the lack of hand engraving on the S2.

Differences between the Prestige & S1 is the copper body of the Prestige compared to the brass body of the S1.

I'm sure there are other differences not listed here, but that pretty much sums it up.
mutha potamus
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Feb 27th 7:59 PM
A little more here...

I just went to to do a little more searching. the only saxophone (that I could find) that Buffet is currently selling under it's own name is the S3 Prestige alto (no tenor, etc). The features mentioned are cut & pasted below...(Notice that it only appears to be produced in A=442)

Alto saxophone
* Eb - High F#
* Copper body
* Pitch 442
* Special bore
* Silver finish available on request
* Additional F# guard
* Unige design of the left hand small finger key group
* Selected skin pads with metal resonators

Back to the pitch thing for a minute if I may. If these horns were produced in two different pitches simultaneously, did they have two different entire sets of tooling per horn? Could they have gotten away with something a bit less drastic, like a different neck? I'd email them & ask, but I did the same thing last year & all I got back was...wait a minute, they never returned my email.

mutha potamus
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Feb 27th 8:07 PM
Okay, one more thing...

Thanks again Paul!
Paul T.
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Feb 28th 12:18 AM
Discuss with Gloger-Handkraft CO, they have the website and they know everything regarding necks.
I ordered the solid silver neck on my S1(442) from Gloger-H., and it is the succes.
mutha potamus
User ID: 8938823
Feb 28th 8:38 PM
Thanks for the idea! I think it was Bootman that pointed me their way when I inquired about a replacement double socket neck for a '56 10M.

Now that I've gotten enough questions to ask, I'll have to check it out.
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Feb 28th 9:56 PM
I have a local friend with both an S1 and a Prestige copper tenor. I'll compare them the next time I'm at his house.
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Feb 28th 10:20 PM
After rereading Saxpics' webnotes on the Prestige horns, I just realized that another posting about them was from a guy who assembled them at Keilwerth in Germany about 1989. He told me my 1984 Prestige soprano was the real deal from Buffet. Saxpics' notes indicate the S3 horns were first produced in 1989. Could it be that the Keilwerth-made Prestige copper horns were dubbed the S3, and the Buffet copper horns the Prestige S1??