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User ID: 0784604
Nov 10th 9:54 AM
Can anyone tell me anything about an alto that says simply "Buffet Crampon" and has no other writing. What model that would be?

User ID: 0471064
Nov 11th 12:52 PM
Is there a serial number on it?
User ID: 8625283
Nov 11th 3:51 PM
The SuperDynaction name is up the back of the body, i.e. not on the front where it just says 'Buffet Crampon' - if you are maybe looking at a pic only of the front of the bell, that might explain it; the horn would otherwise look not a million miles different than a Mk 6. If however you have seen the horn and there is no other script, then it will be seomething else.
User ID: 7705853
Nov 11th 6:02 PM
the model before the superdynaction said only buffet crampon. it could be one of those
User ID: 0631424
Nov 13th 10:48 AM
Check the Buffet alto '18-20' for sale at

Saxpic's server doesn't seem to be working or you could get more thorough descriptions and pics of all the pre-SDA models there.
User ID: 3445384
Jun 2nd 2:45 PM
i have a buffet alto S2. it seems to be similar to the s1. anyone know the difference? thanks
User ID: 0952054
Jun 22nd 4:40 PM
Sherry, does it look pretty much like an SDA, at first perusal, except for a different bow brace, and presence of a forked Eb?
User ID: 0952054
Jun 24th 12:47 PM
er...sorry...Sherry: meant neck brace, not bow brace. Don't know why latter came out of my typer.
User ID: 0220464
Jul 21st 2:01 AM
Marty, the S2 was an "intermediate" model that was only sold in Europe. It's also a high pitch A=442hz horn and lacks the S1 kewl low C/Eb keys and G# cluster.

Sherry's question has been pondered and answered in the French Saxophones and Keilwerth threads. The horn she has is a Keilwerth-made instrument with the Buffet name. They're interesting horns!
User ID: 2275264
Jul 26th 10:34 AM
To clarify: I don't have and have never had this horn. I saw one and was trying to identify it. Thanks