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Aug 25th 9:34 PM
Has anyone tried tenors of two or three of these makes in order to make comparisons?

I'm thinking about a Couf Superba I, a Buffet Dynaction or Super Dynaction, and an SML Gold Medal.

I'm mostly interested in the sound - I like big, dark sounds. Keywork comments are also welcome, though!

Basically, I'm just planning on diving in to the vintage horn thing and getting one of these - they're all online, so I can't play them for myself.

I plan on doing some travelling in the spring to try all sorts of different vintage horns, but I'm itchin' to get the ball rolling, and I figure that none of the above mentioned horns are really going to lose any value if I decide to sell them later.

Sorry if this isn't the right place for this, but I couldn't decide where it should go. (Keilwerth? French? SML?)
Matt K
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Aug 25th 10:45 PM
My current horn is a keilwerth sx90. My backup is a sda. The sda was my main horn for a year. Played one SML. Never played a superba but I have read here that they are similar to the sx90 in terms of sound.
The SDA is no question the darkest. Mine has a sweet sound like no other horn I've ever played and plenty of grunt.
The sx90 is brighter but still a dark powerful horn.
The sml that I played was pretty darn bright but strong.

If keywerk is an issue- both the sda and sml are kind of a hassle. Esp. on the table keys.
The sx90 has it all-great sound and keywork.
I really would like to try a couf though.