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User ID: 9140763
Aug 19th 5:35 PM
Does a silver-plated Super Dynaction exist or is this a relaquer? My friend's friend says he owns a silver-plated one w/ serial # in the 15000 range.
Steve Goodson
User ID: 2129174
Aug 19th 5:43 PM
I've had several silver plated examples pass through my hands and have seen a gold plated one.
User ID: 9140763
Aug 19th 5:47 PM
Steve, if you have the time what are your thoughts on these horns? I don't see too many discussion about Buffet on here.
Brian M.
User ID: 2484284
Aug 19th 6:08 PM
John -
I had a lacquered Buffet SD tenor in the late 60's. The horn played in tune with a very strong sound. The high notes were big. I should have kept that tenor and found a easier-blowing mpc for it. I used it in a soul band and the SD took all the normal gig abuse and never malfunctioned.
Steve Goodson
User ID: 2129174
Aug 19th 6:15 PM
Fat and rich sounding. The Buffet's are among my very favorites. I'm particularly fond of the S-1 Series. It combines a great sound with some really unique keywork. The patents for the S-1 keywork can be seen on my site if you have an interest. The Eb/Low C mechanism is a thing of genius!
User ID: 2720884
Aug 20th 1:25 AM
Would $1000 be a good price for a playing condition alto?
User ID: 8868883
Aug 20th 3:08 AM
As long as its not beaten up, yes it would be a good price. They have a classic sound and vintage feel, without being old fashioned. If you find one with the improved keywork of the S1 - there are quite a few transitional models - it's even better. The only downside for me with most of the Superdynactions, is the rather clumsy LH pinky table, this was improved considerably on the S1, however, it is no worse than any '50s or 60's vintage horn.
User ID: 9892733
Aug 20th 3:15 AM
a silver-plated SDA went for 1500 USD on ebay recently (very quickly !)

the earlier lacquered versions regularly have the "sparkle" lacquer and a lovely deep honey colour
mostly alto guy
User ID: 0122954
Aug 20th 2:31 PM
There and a few SDAs (altos) on e-bay right now, and at least two of them look pretty good and are from reputable (by their feedback) sellers.

There's even a very cherry S-1. If I didn't already have one...