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Sax on the Web Archive / Buffet Archive / Buffet by Keilwerth?

Jerry K
User ID: 0596854
May 16th 5:42 PM
Anyone know if Keilwerth ever made horns for Buffet? I have just seen a Buffet Alto sax with a high F# key and adjustable palm keys and the seller said it was made by Keilwerth. Sax has the traditional Buffet style bell brace that is similiar to a Super Dynaction. Are these Professional horns? Anyone have one and what are your impressions?
User ID: 0952054
May 16th 7:39 PM
Yes, to both questions: there's another thread about this somewhere, but where I'm not sure.

Stephan, who is intimately familiar with the workings over at the K factory, (I think, if recalling correctly) commented that Keilwerth basically applied the older SX-90R tooling to manufacture a series of Buffets, after the Boosey buy-out.
Jerry K.
User ID: 0596854
May 16th 9:00 PM
I trolled around for a while before posting and couldn't find a thing. Probably buried in another thread somewhere. What do you think an excellent example is worth?