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User ID: 9913923
Sep 7th 8:25 AM
is this a Pro model horn?
User ID: 1662364
Sep 7th 9:20 AM
Nope - the, Evettes are student horns and I believe have been made for them by a few different factories around the world. Some at least (Czech made?) are very poor, so try before you buy.
User ID: 1132714
Sep 7th 9:36 AM
Nowadays, they are made in the ROC.
User ID: 1167284
Sep 7th 11:32 AM
The very old Evette Buffet's were their top of the line (actually the only line of saxes Buffet made at the time). Then they dropped the Evette name and just made Buffet. Then they brought out the student Evettes. Newer ones are not very good.