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Jan 15th 12:38 AM

Does anyone know that Keilwerth has made the Alto sax for Buffet? Since I get one Buffet Crampon Paris alto, but the key design is similar to my Keilwerth SX90 with adjustable palm keys, except the stensil is Buffet and a "BC" hinge.

Jerry K.
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Jan 15th 1:03 AM
Hey Arthur, I got this email response from Buffet today:

"They were made in the early 90ies. Yes, the bell is different but apart from that the saxophone corresponds to our SX model. I hope that helps."

Previous email from B&H on the 10th:

This saxophone is comparable to the Keilwerth SX90. The saxophone model was called "Expression".
I hope this helps.
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Jan 15th 1:22 AM
There have been occasional examples on Ebay, clearly Keilwerth made but carrying the Buffet name.
mostly alto guy
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Jan 15th 11:07 AM
Those 90s Julius-Buffets ought to be great players, very much like an SX90. I've almost bought one three or four times.

JK still has a hand in making Buffet S3 Prestige altos (which are the only current production saxes carrying the Buffet name). Simply put, the copper bodies come from Paris to Nauheim, where JK adds the keywork and finishes the horns. That keywork has some SX90 traits, but is clearly unique to the Buffet.

The result is the quintessential modern classical alto. A superb instrument!
Dr G
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Jan 15th 12:48 PM
With JK sticky pads?
mostly alto guy
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Jan 15th 2:26 PM
Thanks for your concern, Dr G.

Actually, JK fits the Buffets with moderately hard tan leather pads with slightly domed copper resos. And apparently none of the sticky sealant/coating that the JKs' pads get.

Go figure.
Dr G
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Jan 15th 2:51 PM
That's good news. Thanks.

Does JK recognize this sticky pad phenom as an issue? There are certainly non-sticky pad treatments available.

Jerry K.
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Jan 16th 8:42 AM
I have played Arthur's horn and it had no problems with sticking pads. I think the pad sticking problems are more an issue with more recent Keilwerth production and rolled tone holes.