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Nov 5th 8:04 PM
I recently purchased a Buffet SDA tenor, which came to me with a Otto Link Super Tone Master 6 mpc. I'm relatively happy with the sound I'm getting out of this, but that's also because i've had little exposure to sound in general, as far as tenors go (i've been playing alto).
I am looking for a darker, warmer sound... a jazz ballad kinda thing. What set up do you recommend?
I will also be playing this for the Wind Symphony and will be needing a more classical mouthpiece, and was wondering what you recommend for that as well.
Am I pretty dang well off with my Otto Link, or should I go for something different?

Also, what kind of a horn is this? All i've found out was that it was a worthy market opponent to the Mark VI, but that's about it. I've heard that this is a more classical horn... true? Like, are there any musicians who have played this horn?
Also, i've been reading on these boards that it "responds well" to different mouthpieces. What does that mean?
Ok, thanks
mostly alto guy
User ID: 0122954
Nov 6th 2:39 PM
SDAs are great horns (when you find one that's not been too banged up) for any genre. I played one a while back that had a great sound, big, round, fat tone that really filled a room.

I think what people mean when they say a horn responds well to different mouthpiece steups is that, 1)it plays pretty much in tune (or consistently "in or out of tune" anyway) with any piece, and 2)it takes on (to a degree) the expected characteristic tone colour of the piece while retaining its own uniquness. In my rather broad and growing experience with older Buffets, I have found this to be very true of them.

For really scary dark tone from an SDA, get a HR Yani.
User ID: 2093804
Nov 8th 10:56 PM
I have a mint 72 tenor SDA. Saw one like you described on Ebay a week or so ago and almost went for it but have collected too many horns....I think you will love it.! I play mostly jazz/ballad/lounge lizard style...perfect for the SDA. But then again, I think the SDA is perfect for any type of music.

I've tried about a dozen or so mouthpieces...but really like the Peter Ponzol Custom HR mp. I bought a $275 vintage 6 Link Tone Master a year or so ago (thinking that with all of the hype about Vintage Links I must be missing something), but I like the sound from the Ponzol HR much better. The Link just sits in the closet.

However, mouthpieces are very individual....I suggest that you find a music store with many different ones to choose from and spend some time selecting the one that fits you....For me, even though the metal's look "cool",,,,,they just don't sound as cool as a HR.