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User ID: 9690803
Oct 31st 6:25 PM

I just purchased an Evette Buffet Crampon Alto that appears to be an intermediate horn (no engraving, but some nice pro construction features and lacquered keys). It is serial number 502,447 and has the initials R.O.C. written verticallly a few inches above the serial number. I am surpsised at how nice this horn plays, especially in the low register. My question is, where were these horns made? Any help is appreciated.

User ID: 8931733
Oct 31st 6:38 PM
The E-S altos I've encountered were made by none other than - tada! Jupiter.
User ID: 9690803
Oct 31st 7:33 PM

This is not an Evette-Schafer, but an Evette Buffet Crampon. Or are they in essence the same thing?
User ID: 9175333
Oct 31st 7:36 PM
R.O.C. My first guess would be Republic of China.
User ID: 8868883
Nov 1st 10:42 AM
Yup, the Buffet Evettes are Chinese made student horns. There is a bit of history in the Evette Schaeffer horns, which were French made, but ROC = China in this case.
User ID: 8695223
Nov 1st 7:33 PM
Well.. ROC = Republic of China, but this means Taiwan, not the mainland of China who is called as People's Republic of China.
So any ROC must be read as Taiwan.