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Sep 17th 3:09 PM
Does anyone know where on the web to find an
overview/history of Buffet and Evette? Totally unfamiliar with them & want to learn enough about
which are student/intermed & newer/older to know
what to look for in used horns! Thanks!
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Sep 17th 4:48 PM has a good Buffet section. Enough to get you started at least!
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Sep 18th 2:03 PM
Thanks, cool site. So, I'm getting the impression
that in general, Buffet is the pro line and Evettes are the second-line horns, or is that over-simplifying?
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Sep 19th 11:51 AM
No, not at all.

* ALL horns just labelled "Evette" are student/intermediate horns.
* The horns engraved "M. Evette" and "Buffet" seem to be French-made Buffets somewhat redesigned for the American market.
* Horns engraved "Evette & Schaeffer", alone, are either extremely old pro horns (18th century) or are student models.
* Horns that are labelled "Evette & Schaeffer" and also have a "Buffet" engraving are late 19th or early 20th century pro horns.

Someone might be asking, "Well, why don't you just list serial number ranges?" Several reasons:

* A series of fires destroyed a lot of Buffet serial number data
* The "M. Evette" horns generally (not always)have different serial numbers than any other Buffet model
* Buffet recycled their serial numbers several times
* There are rumored E&S or Evette horns that were made in Italy. I've never seen one, so I can't confirm what kind of serial numbers they have.

In any case, it is generally agreed that the Evette & Schaeffer horns with the "BC" bell-to-body brace (i.e. the ones that look like the Super Dynaction) are the best models, followed by the more recent horns.

Finally, some of the newer Buffets are made by Keilwerth. I'd believe that they produce some Evettes or Buffet imports them from (your choice) Japan, Taiwan, China, etc.

I tend not to do much research on student horns, because the pro horns are a handful in and of themselves.
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Sep 20th 1:17 AM
From what I understand there were also many pro horns made by Buffet and are either just stencil or clones of the SDA made for Olds Ambassador Parisian Opera models and there were some Dolnet Heavily engraved models also made by Buffet. In fact there is one rare Lester Young album where he was shown using one of these Dolnet tenors.