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Sep 3rd 8:27 PM
I wrote an earlier thread about the Buffet Super Dynaction I am purchasing. Well, the SDA's I've seen all have black on G-Sharp key. The SDA that I'm buying has a Mother of Pearl Key on the G-Sharp key. In all the pictures i've seen of SDA's, none have the mother of pearl....the only Buffet horn I've seen (not too many)that have the MOP are the S-1's. Could this be an S-1? Thanks.
User ID: 1139804
Sep 3rd 8:29 PM
Sorry about the sloppiness of the title. It should read Another Buffet Question. Sorry
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Sep 3rd 11:25 PM
Some of the later SDA's have the same keywork as the S1. Easy enough to tell the difference between SDA and S1 keywork: the S1 has the patented G# cluster that looks like the oddest thing you've ever seen (the Bb is hinged) and the C/Eb keys don't have rollers (and are nicely sculpted).

The "transitional" model also has the S1 bell-to-body brace, not the "BC" logo brace.

I've got a few good pictures of the transitional models at
(big space)

The pearl or lack thereof doesn't really indicate anything special: it can be replaced fairly easily.

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Sep 4th 2:54 PM
My S-1 alto has a plain metal G#, and my '74 SDA had a pearl G#! SO who knows...
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Sep 4th 3:02 PM
and what about the Bari ?!
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Sep 4th 6:38 PM
waiting for FedEx......
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Sep 26th 6:43 PM
Sorry to take so long to post this, I'm sure you all were waiting!
The SDA bari has a clear G#, that kind of fades to a translucent red. I think the red may be the glue. I have no idea what the clear material is, it looks too clear to be epoxy, but I don't know.