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mostly alto guy May 25th 11:27 AM
Anyone have any experience with S1 or DA/SDA sopranos? Are they as superb as the altos and tenors?
saxaholic May 25th 12:00 PM
the s1 is a heavy soprano but action is good. good for classical id say.
User ID: 1961724
May 26th 10:32 AM
I looked at a few, but they don't have a front F key, and the pinky keys are not like the alto or tenor s1s, they are very run-of-the-mill. Still, that's no different to a MkVI and many classical players like them.

Some of the S1 sops have high G keys.
User ID: 1961724
May 26th 10:34 AM
Oh, yes, I saw the S1 tenor I had is back on sale on ebay if you are interested. It's a nice horn, not pristine, there is some scratching from clumsy handling (not by me) but it has a good sound and action.
mostly alto guy May 26th 11:22 AM
stevew, if you located an excellent S1 soprano, how much do you think it might be worth? I see you're not crazy about them, but ballpark, what might it reasonably bring?

I realize the sops lack the traditional S1 keywork, but no front F, that's surprising.
User ID: 0777594
May 26th 2:18 PM
The trouble was, the ones I say were $2000 plus, which I though a bit much. Still, that seems to be about the market price.
mostly alto guy
User ID: 8875883
May 27th 3:08 PM
The one on ebay seems really clean, but the seller isn't going to make his reserve I think. I've had the high bid for over 24 hours, and that seems to be the end of it. The reserve isn't met though, so I can still back out.

Would love to try it, but I like my Ser III well enough to just have one soprano.