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User ID: 9683713
Feb 10th 9:08 AM
Buffet: The best kept secret in saxophones right now (Since SMLs and Bueschers are now out of the bag). Well built, good action, great sounding and less expensive than some of their other French cousins.

User ID: 9983153
Feb 10th 12:01 PM
I've asked this on other forums around here, but I'll ask again. How do the recent (last 5-10 years) Evette models stack up to other student or intermediate horns?
Subtone Sam
User ID: 1432154
Feb 10th 2:00 PM
Im with the Onyxsax here; the S1 tenor I got a month ago seems to be a really great horn!
User ID: 9683713
Feb 10th 6:02 PM
Andres, from what I remember the Evette horns were pretty typical student horns. On the heirarchy scale, I'd put them above the Bundy II, but under the Yamaha 23 series.

There are a lot of guys, especially on eBay trying to pawn off Evette horns as Buffets. Very similar to selling Bundys and Selmers. Once upon a time, the Evette & Schaffer Buffets (1920s and earlier) were the "pro" horns of their day, so there actually is some confusion regarding Evette horns.
User ID: 9983153
Feb 10th 7:19 PM

Thanks for the reply. I was looking at picking up an Evette alto only because they seem to be plentiful nowadays on Ebay.

Also, I have a vintage Evette alto that I think is from 1889, if the info at is correct, and wanted to know if I should bother having it overhauled, or just sell it so I can put the $$$ towards a newer horn.
User ID: 9209903
Feb 12th 2:24 AM
I have both a Prestige model tenor and alto(1985 vintage) They are copper and seem very simialr to the dynaction or S1. Does anybody have any info on them?
User ID: 9433023
Feb 12th 2:35 AM
See the Buffet website, via Boosey and Hawkes. The current S3 442Hz copper alto is the only pro horn they still advertise. I am not certain, but think your is more likely an S2, they made most if not all of the sax sizes in S2 and were considered a retrograde step key-work wise from the S1 - rather like when Selmer superseded the VI with the VII. Have a look at, he has a fair bit of info on Buffet horns and you should be able to find out a lot more.
Paul T.
User ID: 0986624
Feb 12th 10:33 PM
I have an alto S1 from early 80'ties. Then I was thinking also to buy Prestige and I was discussing much about the differences between them. The only difference is the material according to my information. This time has also been sold S2 model, which was like S1 but without engraveing. Nowadays I think, that S2 is made in Asian countries.
User ID: 0701364
Feb 13th 9:23 PM
I've finally re-updated my Buffet pages after the
intense five-way battle about the S series horns that involved Boosey themselves.


Saxjazzed, I definitely would like some pictures of your horn: it sounds like if the horn was made about 1985, looks like an S1 and has a copper body, you've got an S1 Prestige (and should say "Prestige" on the bell). The S3 and S3 Prestige came a bit later, at least according to the good folks at Boosey & Hawkes.

stevew, according to Boosey, they stopped production on the S2 in 1986 and these horns wer only manufactured in lacquer or silver. They also consider it to be an intermediate horn.

The Evettes seem to be made in Taiwan, after 1981 or so. I've heard from no less than a half dozen folks that say that Evettes were available in silver plate. This may be a recent thing (a la MONIQUE).

All, Boosey says that you can get the S3 (a silver-plate horn) or the S3 Prestige (the copper plate horn) in A=440hz, if you ask nicely :) I'm told by other posters, however that the S3 Prestige doesn't have the beautiful S1 sculpted low C/Eb keys, but has rollers, like the S2.

As always, and has been proven, manufacturers can be incorrect about their old production runs. Please send me any and all pro Buffet pics y'all have, especially of the S3 and S1.

Thank you all!
User ID: 8938823
Feb 14th 1:31 AM
Thanks Pete, I find your site helpful and interesting. I think I own the silver S1 alto and did briefly own the relacquered Evette Schaeffer tenor that are depicted on your site! I also have the most immaculate 1969 SDA tenor on the planet.
User ID: 9858163
Feb 14th 1:41 AM

The B&H web pages states that the S-3 Prestige has a copper body. I would guess this means it is a solid copper horn, not a copper plated one.
User ID: 8938823
Feb 14th 5:08 AM
Yes it is solid copper, you wouldn't use copper plate as it tarnishes and is quite soft - if anything you'd want lacquer or silver plate on the copper.
User ID: 8464923
Feb 16th 9:05 AM
New Evettes are plentiful on ebay because it is one more way to try and make a quick buck-use the old revered name on a new massproduced clone; see if anybody goes for it.
User ID: 8966303
Feb 17th 8:53 AM
Its worked for years on the Selmer USA, and Mexican and far east produced Conns, Bueschers etc.
User ID: 8464923
Feb 17th 9:48 AM
yep. As a proud owner of two closet SDAs, I cringe every time I see those comparisons. Buffet-Evette, and old Evette-new Evette.
User ID: 9579203
Feb 18th 10:01 PM
I have a 74 SDA. Great sax! Its built like a tank. But it still has great action. The only thing I don't like is that there are no adjusting screws for the key highs. Great sax though. To bad they stopped making them. The Buffet sax line is being minanized to help push Keilwerth sales is what I understood. Perhaps I'm wrong but thats the way it looks to me.
Subtone Sam
User ID: 1432154
Feb 21st 8:12 AM
Im interested what mpcs people use on their S1 tenors.Im using a Lawton or Berg Larsen now but I feel maybe something else would fit better.Links,maybe? Any suggestions?
User ID: 0909594
Feb 21st 9:14 AM
My tenor is a late SDA, I tried loads of mothpieces on it. The Bergs were OK (both metal and rubber) but what really cut it for me were a stock modern Meyer 6M and the one I actually bought, which was a handmade copy of a 1950's HR Otto Link 8. I have also subsequently got a Jody Jazz 8 and that really works well. On my S1 alto, I like my Meyer NY Ltd 6M best of all.
User ID: 8701433
Mar 7th 9:46 AM
I happened into a Evette-Schaefer tenor from 1961 (S/N 79xx) that's in decent shape (2 broken springs, relatively new pads). It looks like a SDA, but it has nickle keywork. Sounds pretty nice.

Can anyone shed any light on it?
User ID: 0784604
Mar 10th 12:34 PM
Well, you could run a power cord up thru the low C# vent and put a fixture up at the top end...
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