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Sax on the Web (SOTW) is a comprehensive saxophone site founded by Harri Rautiainen in 1996.
Created: October 11, 2005
Update: Decenber 19, 2009

Sax on the Web - Site Map

Beginner's Corner (BC), Lessons and Teaching Music
BC  1: Key signatures and Scales
BC  2: Posture and Horn Position
BC  3: Embouchure and Mouthpiece
BC  4: More Embouchure Questions
BC  5: Children and Music
BC  6: Starting Again
BC  7: Funny Letters and Numbers In My Music?
BC  8: Improving Reading and Playing Skills
BC  9: Fingering Speed
BC 10: Tonguing
BC 11: The Gift of Rhythm
BC 12: Tone Quality
BC 13: Common Transpositions for Saxophone
Saxophone Practice - Part 1, 2
Flute Lessons for saxophonists by Gordon Palmer
First note from a Flute by Gordon Palmer
Advanced Lessons and Tips
Advanced Saxophone
Soprano Saxophone > Intonation
Saxophone Technique Development
The Saxophone Tone and Edge
Tone Production
Saxophone Vibrato
Sax Lessons with Jody Espina
Anxiety, Emotions and Performing Well, Part 1, 2, 3 by Neil Sharpe
Managing Your Persistent Fears and Anxieties
Giving Lessons by Richard Booth and Paul Coats
Skip Spratt
Confessions of a Weekend Warrior
Learning Tunes
Playing tips. Why so loud?
Undersaxed. The saxophone in popular music Where did it go?
More Confessions from a BS Saxophonist
Saxophone, the Instrument - Maintenance, Accessories
Amati Instrument Manufacturer - The History by Dennis Gazarek
Phil-Tone mouthpieces product review by William Sadler
Selmer Reference 54 alto vs. Yanagisawa A992 by William Sadler
Buffet 400 Series Professional alto saxophones by William Sadler
King Zephyr vs. Martin Committee II alto saxophones by William Sadler
The Gladiator Battle of JodyJazz Saxophone Mouthpieces by William Sadler
Peter Jessen, a Saxophone Maker from Denmark
Interview with Dave Kessler
Neck Cork Replacement
Saxophone Key Pad Replacement
Improving your Saxophone
Custom Mouthpiece Work
Saxophone Maintenance Tips
Saxophone and Microphone
Saxophone Mouthpiece
Tom Alexander > Superial Reeds
Santy Runyon Discusses Reeds
Which is the best Saxophone
Soprano Saxophone > Curved vs. Straight
Dream Sax Features (not yet produced)
Electronic Effects for the Saxophone by Ken Fink
Vintage Saxophones
Holton Sax Serial number Chart by Felix Jungschlaeger
What is the Best sax for Me? by Pete Hales
Designing The Perfect Saxophone by Pete Hales
High Pitch vs. Low Pitch by Pete Hales
Fun with Vintage Saxophones; by Pete Hales
Stencils and "Second Line" Models; by Pete Hales
Saxophone Picture Gallery
SML Saxophones - the Original Story
SML > An Amazing Story
More of the SML Story
SML: The Ongoing Story by Pete Hales
SML Picture Gallery
SML > Carmen Leggio
SML Saxophones > Vito Pascucci
SML Serial numbers
Selmer (Paris) Sax Serial Numbers
A Day in the Life of a Saxophone Historian by Pete Hales
Saxophonist Profiles and Interviews
Jon R. Smith Rock n'Roll Saxophonist - Interview - Part 1, 2 by Neil Sharpe
Sonny Del-Rio Rock n'Roll Saxophonist - Interview - Part 1, 2 by Neil Sharpe
Lionel Prevost, Saxophone Legend - Interview - Part 1, 2 & Discography by Paul Harris
Johnny Ferreira, Rock n' Roll Saxophonist - Interview - Part 1, 2, 3 by Neil Sharpe
Jazz and The Touch of Zen: Ken Fornetran Interview; by Neil Sharpe
Greg Fishman Interview - Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 by E.J. Svoboda
The Middle Aged Rock&Roll Sax Player by John Laughter
John Barrow, How NOT To Make It In The Pop World by Neil Sharpe
Blues, R&B, Rock n' Roll Saxophone
Teaching Resource - Index
The Right Notes At The Right Time by Andrew Campbell
Three Letters from Bob Anram on Jazz Improvisation (Introduction by Saxismyaxe)
Interesting Improviser by Jody Espina
Jazz Improvisation by Roger Freundlich
Teaching Improvisation by Roger Freundlich
Jam Session Rules and etiquette by King Koeller
The Secret of a Good Sound by Sue Terry
Jazz Scale Sheet by Paul Elkouss
Symmetrical Scales by David Valdez
Jazz Mouthpieces Revisited

Jazz Saxophone Lessons with Tim Price
Saxophone Necessities - Basic Skills That Are A Must
Dom7 Chord Line using Your Ear
Minor Chord Exercises
Minor 7b5 to Dominant 7b9
Bird-ology Studies, More Bird-ology
Blues 1, 2, Blues Scale Matrix
ii-V7 Chord Change
Dom7 Chord Line using Your Ear
Double Tonguing
Ear Training on Chord Tones - Phase 1, 2, 3
Post Bop study on Blues
II-V-I Patterns 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Two Bar Phrase on Major Chords
I - VI7b9 - IIm - V7
Dominant 7th Madness
Major Thirds Moving In Whole Step Motion
Bebop Idea Moving Through Major 7th Chord
V7 - Moving Through Cycle of Fourths
Melodic Improvisation
Dominant 7ths
Minor Triad
Chord derived from 2nd Step - Jazz Melodic Minor Scale
Rhythm Changes
Rootless Major Chord Shapes
Two Bar Phrase on Major Chords
2 Bar II-V Phrases - via Entire Range of the Sax
Solo Sax Arrangement on: "Happy Birthday"
Books, CDs - Reviews, Store
"Jazz Phrasing for Beginners" by Greg Fishman Review by E.J. Svoboda
24 Swing & Bop Studies for Tenor & Alto - "Jazz Etudes for Saxophone" by Randy Hunter Review by Harri Rautiainen
Review of "Jazz Saxophone Duets" by Greg Fishman
Review of "Jazz Saxophone Etudes" by Greg Fishman
Exposing The Compartments of a Life
- Take Five the public and private lives of Paul Desmond; by Doug Ramsey by E.J. Svoboda
Reed All About It > Book Review by Laura Dreyer
Book Reviews > Tipbook Saxophone by Harri Rautiainen
Book Reviews > Practice Like the Pros By Sue Terry
Books and CDs (SOTW Amazon Store)
Store > Charlie Parker Books and CDs
Sheet Music, arranging for saxophone
Arcanum - Saxophone Quartet
Blues for Lester
Orchestration for Saxophones 1, 2, 3, 4
Transposing Chart for Saxophones
Sax Sheet Music Store
SOTW Other
Saxophone Links
Links to SOTW member pages
Discussion Forum
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SOTW group Outpost in Facebook
SOTW Fan Page in Facebook
Sax on the Web Blog - random observations
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